(1920-2001) Gilbert Trigano 

Yet another about whose Trotskyist past the press is not concerned. Gilbert Trigano was born into a poor Jewish family in Montreuil and had his primary schooling with two future stars of the PCI / PT, Pierre Boussel, (known later as Lambert), and Louis Eemans, the future Louis Petit. He participated in the Resistance. He joined the JC (Jeunesse Communiste) and the PC (Parti Communiste), operated as a journalist on the Huma, made a brief stay in the PCI (Parti Communiste Internationaliste): our comrade Broué remembers meeting him in a shop for canvas tents where the goods were stacked on shelves and even on the soil. It was the start of his business career. We do not know if he thereafter had any relations with his old comrades from school. 

Translated by Lily Bolero from Cahiers Léon Trotsky no 73, March 2001 for Revolutionary History