1931 (end) British Section, International Left Opposition formed, based on "Balham" Group of the Communist Party. Began to publish "The Communist", May 1932. Mostly expelled from C.P., August 1932.

"Red Flag", first issue, May-1933. Communist League formed autumn 1933. "Minority” joins I.L.P. early 1934

1934 Formation of the Marxist Group in the I.L.P. "Majority" discussion ends with "turn" to the Labour Party. "Red Flag" ceases. Groves enters Socialist League.
1935 C.L.R. James joins Marxist Group. Harber leaves l.L.P. to join Labour Party.

Disintegration of Marxist Group in the I.L.P.

James expelled from I.L.P. on appearance of-"FIGHT"

Youth Militant Group formed by Van Gelderen; with Harber forms B.L. Group in' L.P. publish "Youth Militant" Remnants of "majority" re-form in Marxist League. "Red Flag" re-appears May Day
1937 Formation of Marxist Group as an "open" organisation

Re-named as the   "Militant" Group   Publication of      "Militant" begun

Efforts to replace Socialist League by Socialist Left Federation fail

Militant Labour League formed

Split in the "Militant" Group

Isolation of Groves

Collapse of Socialist League


Remnants of James Group join remnants of Marxist League

Edinburgh R.S.P.

Fusion produces Revolutionary Socialist League

Workers' International League formed (Lee, Haston, Grant, Healy)

W.I.L. Publishes "Youth for Socialism", "Workers' International, News".

Rejects fusion

1939 Former James supporters issue' "Workers' Fight"

Fused R.S.L. breaks on question of "entry”: majority-produces "Militant" and revives "Youth Militant"

Collaboration in Socialist Anti-War Front

Trotskyism in Britain in the 1930's: Some Key Dates

Summer 1931 Collapse of Ramsay MacDonald's second Labour Government
October 1931 General Election:   "National" Coalition heavily defeats Labour
December 1931 First Trotskyist Group formed in Britain
July 1932 Independent Labour Party disaffiliates from Labour Party and Second International
September 1932 ‘Trotskyists' excluded from the Communist Party
March 1935 Hitler takes power: Nazis destroy German workers' organisations
April 1935 Presidium of Communist International declares: "The political line and organisational policy of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Germany up to the Hitlerite coup and at the moment when it occurred was completely correct".
May 1935

Trotsky wrote:   "It is impossible to remain in the same 'International* with Stalin"

First issue of "The Red Flag" in Britain

August 1935 "Declaration of the Four", on the Necessity and Principles of a New International
December 1935 Split in the Communist League, the Trotskyist group in Britain, on the question of the "turn" to the I.L.P.
Autumn 1934

"The Marxist Group in the I.L.P." formed

Groves joins the Labour Party and the Socialist League

Soviet Union joins the League of Nations;

French Communist Party proposes to the Radical-Socialists to form a "Popular Front"

Communist Party in Britain withdraws its candidates in municipal elections and calls for support for Labour

"Third Period" draws to its close

December 1934

Socialist League refuses support to British imperialism in war

G.P.U. agents assassinate Kirov in Leningrad

May 1935 Stalin-Laval declaration:   "M. Stalin understands and fully approves the French government's policy of ensuring national defence".
August 1935 Seventh (and final) Congress of the Third, Communist International
Autumn 1935 Italian imperialism invades the independent African state of Abyssinia.   Trotskyists call for independent workers' action to stop materials of war reaching Italy.   I.L.P. leaders oppose on grounds of pacifist opposition to self-defence of a colonial country
November 1935 General Election in Britain:   Tory leader Baldwin promises peace: Labour does poorly and remains in a minority in Parliament
January 1936 First issue of "Youth Militant", paper of Trotskyist fraction in the Labour Party League of Youth
February 1936 "Popular Front" Government elected in Spain
April 1936 "Popular Front" Government elected in France
June 1936 Wave of "Stay-In" strikes in France
Summer 1936 Centrist leaders of I.L.P. force reversal of Conference decision in favour of independent working-class action against war
July 1936

Civil War breaks out in Spain.   Workers' Councils and Workers'Militias form to resist Franco,   corkers seize factories and peasants occupy landlords'' land in Catalonia

First International Conference for the Fourth International declares for Labour Party "entrism" in Britain

First "Moscow Trial": "confessions" present Trotsky as ally of Hitler

September 1936 Stalin reverses policy of "non-intervention" in Spain; supplies arms to the Republican government in return for political concessions and payment in gold
January 1937

"Militant" appears as "entry" paper of "Militant Group in the Labour Party". Communist Party launches attack on Groves

May 1937

G.P.U. represses workers' rising in Barcelona 2 witch-hunt against Trotsky-ists and Spain

Socialist League dissolves "in the interests of unity": victory for reformists and Stalinists

August 1937 National Conference of the "Militant Group" accepts the tactic of forming the "Militant Labour League" as its peripheral organisation
December 1937 Split in the "Militant Group" leads to formation of Workers' International League
Summer 1938 "Fusion" Conference in Britain:   "Revolutionary Socialist League" formed as British Section of the Fourth International on a basis of "entry" work combined with an "open" face.   G.P.U, murders Sedov and Klement.
September 1938

Founding Conference of the Fourth International

"Munich" agreement sacrifices Czecho-slovakia to Hitler and exposes USSR

December 1938 Radical-Socialist Premier Daladier crushes General Strike in France
February 1939 Republican Government collapses in Spain: Franco victorious
March British Government decides to defend frontiers of Poland against invasion
Augittt "Stalin - Hitler Pact" of non-aggression between Germany and U.S.S.R
September Nazi invasion of Poland:   Soviet invasion of Poland

1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939
Employment (millions) 12.8 12.8 12.9 13.0 13.1 14.3 15.3 15.7 16.9
Trade Union Members (‘000) 4624 4443 4389 4570 4867 5295 5842 6053 6274
Labour Party Individual Members (‘000) 297 372 366 381 419 431 447 429 409
Total Members ('000) 2357 2372 2305 2279 2377 2444 2528 2643 2663
Numbers Unemployed and Temporarily stopped (12 months' average) 2630 2745 2521 2159 2036 1755 1484 1791 1514
Days lost through.industrial disputes (‘000) 6983 6488 1072 959 1955 1830 3413 1334