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Clara Zetkin: Letters and Writings

  • Clara Zetkin, The Servant Girls' Movement
  • Leslie,  Gisela Notz, Clara Zetkin and the International Socialist Women's Movement 
  • Clara Zetkin, Against the Theory and Tactics of Social Democracy   
  • Ottokar Luban, Clara Zetkin's Influence on the Spartacus Group, 1918-1919 
  • Clara Zetkin, Guidelines for the Communist Women's Movement    
  • Clara Zetkin, Letters to Lenin  
  • Clara Zetkin, The Struggle Against Fascism  
  • Gunter Wernicke, Clara Zetkin's Opposition to Sidelining of Comrades in the Comintern and KPD in the Mid-1920s
  • Horst Helas, Clara Zetkin’s 'Filthy Letter’
  • Clara Zetkin, The Bourgeois Women's Movement 
  • Clara Zetkin, Letter to the Politbureau of the Central Committee of the CPSU 
  • Clara Zetkin's Speech to the ECCI 
  • Clara Zetkin, Letters to Fanny Jezierska
  • lara Zetkin, Letter to Wilhelm Pieck 
  • Clara Zetkin, Opening Speech of the Reichstag as its Oldest Member, 30 August 1932
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  • Other Material
  • Dan Gallin, The Party of the Last Chance 
  • Ron Heisler, Sam Bornstein (1920-1990): An Appreciation

Work in Progress 

  • Charles Wesley Ervin, Raj Narayan Arya (1926-2014) 



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