International Trotskyist Tendencies

1928 to the present

Links to Existing Trotskyist Tendencies and their Affiliated Organizations

CRFI — Center for the Reconstruction of the Fourth International

 COFI —Communist Organization for the Fourth International

CWI — Committe for a Workers International.

FI(p) — FI(posadist).

FI-IC — Fourth International — International Committee

 USFI  --- Fourth International

 IBT — International Bolschevik Tendency.

ICFI based in USA—part of ICFI led by North.

ICL(FI) — International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist), the Spartacists

ICL — International Communist League , international supporters of the SWP [us]

ICU — Internationalist Communist Union, Lutte Ouvriere international

IMT/CMI — International Marxist Tendency/Corriente Marxista Internacional (IMT/CMI)

IST — International Socialism Tendency, SWP/Britain and others.  Associated with Tony Cliff. 

ITO — International Trotskyist Opposition, Grisolia tendency [it] and the Trotskyist League [us] 

IWL(FI) — International Workers’  League (Fourth International) i

GLFI — League for the Fourth International Internationalist Group tendency 

 LFI --- Leagu e for the Fifth International

LCFI — Liason Committee of the Fourth International

LRCI — League for the Revolutionary Communist International.

TF — Trotskyst Fraction - Fourth International, split of LIT, PTS/Argentina and others.  [web site:

The Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line’s List of

Trotskyist Parties and Organizations of the World

Sorted according to their international affiliation/links are to their home pages

Special thanks to the web site: Leftist Parties of the World Trotskyist Parties sub-section for providing much of the information herein.

Bolshevik Current for the Fourth International (BCFI)

  • Bolshevik Party for the Fourth International (Partido Bolchevique por la Cuarta Internacional, PBCI), Argentina

Committee for a Workers International (CWI)

Communist Organization for the Fourth International (COFI)

Coordination Committee for the Construction of the International Workers Party (KoorKom)
other page broader organization including the LIT(CI)

International Bolshevik Tendency (IBT)

International Center of Orthodox Trotskyism (Centro Internacional del Trotskismo Ortodoxo - IV Internacional, CITO)


International Committee of the Fourth International [1] (ICFI[1])

International Committee of the Fourth International [2] (ICFI[2])

International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist) (ICL(FI))

Fourth International (formally the OCRFI and ICR)


La Vérité(French)The Truth (English)La Verdad (Spanish)A Verdade (Portuguese)

  • Algeria—Socialist Workers Organization works inside the larger mass-based Workers Party
  • Bangladesh—Democratic Workers Party (works as a tendency within it)
  • Belgium—International Socialist Organisation (OSI)
  • Benin—Benin Section of the Fourth International
  • Bolivia—La Chispa
  • Brazil—O Trabalho (Worker)
  • Britain—British Section of the Fourth International works inside the British Labour Party
  • Burundi—Workers Political Circle
  • Chad—Chad Section of the Fourth International
  • Chile—Socialist Workers Organization
  • China—Chinese supporters of the Fourth International
  • Corte d'Ivoire—Corte d'Ivoire Section of the Fourth International
  • Croatia—Section of the Fourth International in ex-Yugoslavia
  • Dominican Republic—Dominican Supporters of the Fourth International
  • Ecuador—Socialist Workers Organization
  • France—Internationalist Communist Current (works inside the larger Independent Workers Party)
  • Gabon—Gabon supporters of the Fourth International
  • Germany—Internationalistische Sozialistische Arbeiterorganisation (now works inside Social Democracy).
  • Greece—Greek Section of the Fourth International
  • Guadeloupe—Guadeloupe Section of the Fourth International
  • Haiti—Socialist Workers Party of Haiti (works inside the larger Parti Oeuvre Socialist)
  • Italy—Italian supporters of the Fourth International
  • India—Indians supporters of the FI (Kolkata and Mumbai)
  • Korea—Korean supporters of the Fourth International
  • Martinique—supporters of the Fourth International
  • Mexico—Socialist Workers Organization
  • Nicaragua—Trotskyist Circle of Nicaragua
  • Palestine—Section of the Fourth International
  • Peru—Peruvian Section of the Fourth International (Works inside the broader Partido Trabajodores del Campo y Ciudad)
  • Portugal—Internationalist Socialist Party
  • Romania—Workers Politics
  • Russia—Russian Section of the Fourth International
  • Rwanda—Workers Political Circle
  • Senegal—Socialist Workers Organization
  • Serbia—Section of the Fourth International in ex-Yugoslavia
  • South Africa/Azania—Azanian Section of the Fourth International works and leads the larger Socialist Party of Azania
  • Spain—Internationalist Socialist Workers Party (POSI
  • Sweden—Swedish Supporters of the Fourth International
  • Switzerland—Union of Workers Political Circles
  • Togo—Togo Section of the Fourth International
  • Tunisia—supporters of the Fourth International
  • Turkey—Revolutionary Workers League
  • Ukraine—Ukraine Section of the Fourth International
  • Uruguay—Section of the Fourth International in Uruguay
  • United States—Socialist Organizer
  • Venezuela—Venezuelan Section of the Fourth International

Fourth International (Formerly USFI)


Sections/supporting organizations:

  • Algeria - Socialist Workers Party
  • Argentina - Socialist Workers’ Movement
  • Australia - Socialist Alternative
  • Austria - Sozialistische Alternative (SOAL)
  • Belgium - Revolutionary Communist League (in French)
  • Belgium - Socialist Workers Party (in Flemish)
  • Brazil - Enlace current of PSOL
  • Brazil - Insurgencia
  • Britain - Socialist Resistance
  • Canada - New Socialist Group
  • <href="">Canada/Quebec - Socialist Left 
  • <href="">Croatia - Radnicka Borba
  • <href="">Denmark - Red-Green Alliance
  • <href="">Denmark - Socialist Workers Party
  • <href="">FI - Inprecor, French language journal
  • <href="">FI - Inprekorr, German-language monthly magazine
  • <href="">FI - Punto de Vista Internacional, Spanish-language website
  • <href="">France - Anticapitalist Left
  • <href="">France - New Anticapitalist Party
  • <href="">France - Unitary Left
  • <href="">Germany - International Socialist Left
  • <href="">Germany - Revolutionary Socialist League
  • <href="">Greece - Kokkino
  • <href="">Greece - Organization of Communist Internationalists of Greece
  • <href="">Ireland - Socialist Democracy 
  • <href="">Italy - Communia
  • <href="">Italy - Erre, marxist journal in Sinistra Critica
  • <href="">Italy - Il megafono quotidiano
  • <href="">Italy - Sinistra Anticapitalista
  • <href="">Italy - Sinistra Critica
  • <href="">Italy - Solidarietà Internazionalista
  • <href="">Japan - Japan Revolutionary Communist League
  • <href="">Mexico - Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores
  • <href="">Morocco - Almounadil/a
  • <href="">Netherlands - Socialist Alternative Politics 
  • <href="">Pakistan - Labour Party Pakistan
  • <href="">Philippines - Revolutionary Workers Party-Mindanao
  • <href="">Portugal - Left Bloc
  • <href="">Portugal - Revolutionary Socialist Political Association (APSR)
  • <href="">Puerto Rico - within Movimiento al Socialismo
  • <href="">Russia - Vpered 
  • <href="">Russia- Russian Socialist Movement
  • <href="">South Africa - Amandla magazine
  • <href="">Spanish state - Anticapitalist Left 
  • <href="">Spanish State/Catalonia - Revolta Global
  • <href="">Sri Lanka - Nava Sama Samaja Party
  • <href="">Sweden - Socialist Party
  • <href="">Switzerland - Gauche Anticapitaliste
  • <href="">Switzerland - Mouvement pour le socialisme (La Brèche)
  • <href="">Switzerland - Solidarités
  • <href="">Turkey - Sosyalist Demokrasi icin Yeniyol (New Course for Socialist Democracy)
  • USA - Socialist Action
  • USA - Solidarity
  • <href="">Venezuela - Marea Socialista

International Marxist Tendency/Corriente Marxista Internacional (IMT/CMI) 

    • International Center

In Defense of Marxism

New Youth


      , and

International Socialist Forum (ISF)

International Socialist Tendency (IS)

International Trotskyist Committee for the Political Regeneration of the Fourth International (ITC)

  • Revolutionary Workers League (RWL), USA

International Trotskyist Opposition (ITO)

International Workers’ Committee (IWC)

  • International Workers’ Committee (IWC), Canada
  • Socialist Workers’ Association of Timor (Aliansi Buruh Sosialis Timor / Associação Trabalhadores Socialista de Timor, ABST), East Timor
  • Marxist Workers League (Marxilainen Työväenliitto, MTL), Finland
  • Marxist Workers’ Group (MWG), Great Britain
  • Ukrainian Workers Committee (Ukrainskii Komitet Rabochii)
  • Marxist Workers’ Group (MWG), USA
  • Red Criticism (Crveni Kriticar), mirror page Yugoslavia

International Workers League (Fourth International) (Liga Internacional de los Trabajadores (Quarta Internacional), LIT-CI)

International Workers’ Unity (Fourth International) (Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores (Quarta Internacional), UIT)

  • Socialist Workers’ Movement (Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores, MST), Argentina
  • Revolutionary Left - The Commune (Gauche Révolutionnaire - La Commune, GRC), France, one faction in CWI
  • Socialist Workers Unity (Unidad Obrera y Socialista, UnioS!), Mexico
  • Revolutionary Workers’ Party (Partido Obrero Revolucionario/Partit Obrer Revolucionari, POR), Spain
  • Socialism! USA

Internationalist Communist Union (Union Communiste Internationaliste, UCI)

League for a Revolutionary Communist International (LRCI)

League for the Fourth International

Liaison Committee for the Reconstruction of the Fourth International (Comité de Enlace por la Reconstrución de la IV Internacional, CERCI)

  • Revolutionary Workers’ Party (Partido Obrero Revolucionario, POR), Argentina
  • Revolutionary Workers’ Party [Masas] (Partido Obrero Revolucionario [Masas], POR[Masas]) periodical, inofficial, Bolivia

Liaison Committee of Militants for a Revolutionary Communist International (LCMRCI)

Leninist-Trotskyist Tendency (LTT)

Partido Obrero Tendency
Tendency aound the Argentinian Workers Party (Partido Oberero, PO)

  • Workers’ Party (Partido Obrero, PO), Argentina
  • Trotskyist Opposition of Bolivia (Oposición Trotskista de Bolivia)
  • Workers’ Cause Party (Partido da Causa Operária, PCO), Brazil
  • Workers’ Party (Partido de los Trabajadores, PT) periodical Tribuna de los Trabajadores, Uruguay

Revolutionary Workers Foment (Fomento Obrero Revolucionario, FOR)

Socialist Workers Party Tendency 
Tendency around the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) of the USA

Periodical Militant

Trotskyist Faction – Fourth International (Fracción Trotskista (Estrategia Internacional), FT(EI))




International Leninist Current (ILC)

  • Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionär Kommunistische Liga, RKL), Austria
  • Workers’ Voice Association (Associazione Voce Operaia), Italy