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  • Editorial

The Culture of the Old World

  • Leon Trotsky, Ibsen
  • Leon Trotsky, Two Literary Souls at the Mercy of the Metaphysical Demon
  • Leon Trotsky, Poetry, the Machine, and the Poetry of the Machine
  • Leon Trotsky, On the Novel in General and on The Three of Them in Particular
  • Leon Trotsky, Culture and the Little White Bull
  • Paul Flewers, Vekhi and the Retreat from Reason

Impressionism: Trotsky in Vienna

  • Fritz Keller, Trotsky in Vienna
  • Leon Trotsky, On Death and Eros
  • Leon Trotsky, A New Year’s Conversation about Art
  • Leon Trotsky, The Vienna Secession of 1909
  • Leon Trotsky, Two Viennese Exhibitions
  • Leon Trotsky, On the Intelligentsia
  • Leon Trotsky, Vienna Secession 1913

The Culture of the Transition Period

  • John Plant, Trotsky, Art and the Revolution
  • Antonio Gramsci, A Letter to Leon Trotsky on Futurism
  • Leon Trotsky, For Quality – For Culture!

Culture Under the Dictators

  • Pierre Naville, Trotsky on Art and Literature
  • Richard Greeman, Did Trotsky Read Serge?
  • Esther Leslie, Elective Affinities
  • James T. Farrell, A Memoir of Leon Trotsky
  • Leon Trotsky, Marcel Martinet
  • Leon Trotsky, The Attitude of Men of Letters
  • An Interview with Jean Malaquais
  • Fritz Keller, Stalinism versus Hedonism

The International Federation of Independent Revolutionary Artists

  • Maurice Nadeau, Trotsky and Breton
  • Leon Trotsky, You Must Not Whisper
  • Leon Trotsky, Difficulties With Diego