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  • Caliban’s Freedom: Early Political Thought of CLR James by Bogues (Higgins)
  • More Years for the Locusts by Higgins (Birchall)
  • Rosa Luxemburg by Rienzi & Bisceglie (Rossi)
  • Essays in Memory of Tom Kemp by Brotherstone & Pilling (Arthur)
  • Marx at the Millennium by Cyril Smith (Machover)
  • Russia from Revolution to Counter-Revolution by Ted Grant (Richardson)
  • Reason in Revolt: Modern Philosophy and Modern Science by Ted Grant & Alan Woods (Thompson)
  • Friends of the Durruti Group & Documentacion historica del troquismo in espanol by Augustin Guillamon (Sullivan)
  • Assassinii nel maquis; la tragica morte del Pietro Tresso by Broué & Vacheron (Casciola & Salucci)
  • Meutre au maquis by Broué, Vacheron & Dugrand (Birchall)
  • The Spectre of Babeuf by Ian Birchall (Schiappa)
  • Morgan Phillips Price by Tania Rose (Richardson)
  • BOC 1930–36; El Bloque Obrero y Campesino by Andrew Durgan (Ealham)
  • The Left in History by Willie Thompson (Sullivan)
  • We The Anarchists! a Study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI) 1927–1937 by Stuart Christie (Sullivan)