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  • Tony Cliff, Trotsky 1917–1923. The Sword of Revolution
  • Harriett Crawford: Sumer and the Sumerians and C.N. Reeves: The Valley of the Kings. The Decline of a Royal Necropolis
  • Michael Lees: The Rape of Serbia
  • Paul LeBlanc: Lenin and the Revolutionary Party
  • Mario Vargas Llosa: The Real Life of Alejandro Mayta
  • Karel Kaplan: Report on the Murder of the General Secretary
  • Jack Gale: Class Struggle in the Second World War: The 1944 Police Raid on the RCP
  • Leon Trotsky: Fascism, Stalinism and the United Front
  • Dick Freney: A Map of Days: Life on the Left
  • Harpal Brar: Perestroika: The Complete Collapse of Revisionism



  • Reiner Tosstorff on Spain, with reply by Al Richardson
  • Werner Cohn on Trotsky and the Jews, with reply by Al Richardson
  • Fred Purdy on the Spartacists