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I: Mutiny and the Cohesion of the Armed Forces

  • Ted Crawford, Mutiny and the Cohesion of the Armed Forces
  • Julian Putkowski, Observations on Mutinies

II: Marxists and Military Thinking

  • Ian Birchall,The Enigma of Kersausie: Engels in June 1848
  • Karl Radek, Marxism and the Problems of War

III: Mutinies in Eastern Europe

  • Christian Rakovsky, The Origins of the Potemkin Mutiny (1905)
  • Rémi Adam, 1917: The Revolt of the Russian Soldiers in France
  • Rémi Adam, The Bolshevik Revolution As Seen Through the Eyes of the Soldiers of the Russian Expeditionary Corps in France
  • Tico Jossifort, The Revolt at Radomir
  • The Black Sea Revolt

IV:Disaffection and Dissent in the British Armed Forces

  • julian Putkowski, Mutiny in India in 1919
  • Report on Revolutiomnary Organisations : Red Officer Course

V: Comintern Work in Weatrern Armed Forces in the 1930s

  • Communist International, Work in the Army

VI: Disaffection in the Army in the Second World War

  • David Renton, Bread and Freedom
  • Julian Putkowski interviews Dave Wallis
  • Swimming Against the Tide: Duncan Hallas on his Experiences in Egypt

Work in Progress




  • Alan Campbell, Nina Fishman, John Mcilroy, British Trade Unions and Industrial Politics,
    • Volume I: The Postvvar Compromise 1945-64;
    • Volume 2: The High Tide of Trade Unionism, 1964-79 (Harry Ratner)
  • Tony Cliff, International Struggle and the Marxist Tradition: Selected Writings, Volume One (John Sullivan)
  • William Doyle, The Ancien Regime (Ian Birchall)
  • Moira Donald and Tim Rees (eds), Reinterpreting Revolution in
  • Twentieth-Century Europe (Ian Birchall)
  • Eros Francescangeli, Arditi del Popolo - Argo Secondari e la prima organizzazione antifascista (191 7-1 922) (Barbara Rossi)
  • Manuel Grossi, The Asturian Uprising: Fifteen Days of Socialist Revolution (Jim Higgins)
  • Zygmunt Zaremba, The Warsaw Commune: Betrayed by Stalin, Massacred by Hitler (Jim Higgins)
  • Bill Hunter, Lifelong Apprenticeship: Life and Times of a Revolutionary, Volume I: 1920-/959 (JJ Plant)
  • Ronald Radosh, Mary R Habeck and Grigory Sevostianov, Spain
  • Betrayed: The Soviet Union in the Spanish Civil War (John Sullivan)
  • Alexander Pantsov, The Bolsheviks and the Chinese Revolution, 1919-/927 (AI Richardson)
  • Paul Le Blanc and Thomas Barrett, Revolutionary Labor Socialist: The Life, Ideas and Comrades of Frank Lovell (AI Richardson)
  • G Munis, Teorfa y practica de la lucha de c/ases, Volume 2 (John Sullivan)
  • Ngo Van, Au Pays de la Cloche F~/ee: tribulations d'un Cochinchinois a f'epoque colonia Ie (Hilary Horrocks)
  • Paul T Nicholson and Ian Shaw (eds), Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology (AI Richardson)
  • Grant D Jones, The Conquest of the Last Maya Kingdom (AI Richardson)
  • Dennis Tourish and Tim Wohlforth, On the Edge: POlitical Cults Right and Left (Geoff Barr)
  • SusanWeissman, Victor Serge: The Course is Set on Hope (Paul Flewers)
  • Andy Wood, Riot, Rebellion and Popular Politics in Early Modern England (DaVid Renton)
  • Alan Woods, Bolshevism: The Road to Revolution (Alejandra Rfos)