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  • Editorial
  • John McIlroy, Al Richardson (1941-2003): An Appreciation
  • Ottokar Luban, Rosa at a Loss: The KPD Leadership and the Berlin Uprising of January 1919: Legend and Reality
  • Karl Retzlaw, From the Kapp Putsch to the March Action
  • August Thalheimer, 1923: A Missed Opportunity?: The Legend of the German October and the Real History of 1923
  • August Thalheimer, The Fifth Congress of the Communist International and its Results
  • August Thalheimer, The Strategy and Tactics of the Communist International
  • Alexander Vatlin, The Programme Discussion in the Communist International
  • Paolo Sensini, Beyond Marxism, Anarchism and Liberalism: Bruno Rizzi's Scientific and Revolutionary Path


  • James P Cannon, Max Shachtman, Leon Trotsky and Others, Dog Days: James P Cannon vs Max Shachtman in the Communist League of America, 1931-1933 (Al Richardson)
  • Jean-Pierre Hirou, Du trotskysme au communisme libertaire (Ian Birchall)
  • Martyn Housden, Hans Frank, Lebensraum and the Holocaust (Dave Renton)
  • Robert Morrell, The Gentle Revolutionary: The Life and Work of Frank Ridley: Socialist and Secularist
  • Michael Parenti, The Assassination of Julius Caesar: A People's History of
  • Ancient Rome (Chris Gray)
  • Sylvain Pattieu, Les camarades des frères: trotskistes et libertaires dans
  • la guerre d'Algérie (Ian Birchall)
  • Georg Scheuer, Seuls les fous n'ont pas peur (Esther Leslie)
  • Jean Marc Schiappa, Les babouvistes (Ian Birchall)
  • WG Sebald, On the Natural History of Destruction (Sheila Lahr)
  • David Stack, The First Darwinian Left: Socialism and Darwinism 1859-1914
  • (Andrew West)
  • Anne Kerr and Tom Shakespeare, Genetic Politics: From Eugenics To Genome (Andrew West)
  • Ian D Thatcher, Trotsky (Al Richardson) (Sheila Lahr)