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This issue of Revolutionary HIstory continues our coverage of the history of the Left in Iran. Episodes investigated include:


  • The foundation of the Tudeh Party of Iran in 1941.
  • Moscow's attempt to set up a pro-Soviet autonomous republic in iranian Azerbaijan in 1945.
  • The fake assignation attempt on the Shah and the ensuing banning of the Tudeh Party in 1949.
  • The mass campaign to Nationalise the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.
  • The Tudeh Party's hostility to Mohammed Mosaddeq and the national-democratic movement.
  • The Tudeh Party's failure to prevent the Anglo-American coup against Mosaddeq in 1953.
  • The SAKA, an attempt toy build a communist organisation based on workers' councils.
  • The ideas of Mostafa Sho'a'iyan, a maverick Iranian marxist.
  • The continued influence of Stalinism upon the historiograhy of the Iranian Left.
  • The course of the Iranian Left as reported in documents from the British, Soviet and US official archives.