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  • Edltorial

Andreja ZivKovic, General Introduction
I: The origins of the Balkan Socialist Tradition: Between populism and Marxism

  • Dragan Plavsic, Introduction
  • Svetozar MarKovic, Serbia in the East
  • Svetozar MarKovic, Slav Austria and Serb unity
  • Hristo Botev, On Discord Among the BalKan peoples

II: Marxism and the Eastern Question: Challenging the orthodoxy 1896-97

  • Dragan Plavsic, Introduction
  • Rosa Luxemburg, Social Democracy and the National Struggles in TurKey
  • Wilhelm LiebKnecht, Statement
  • Karl Kautsky, The Eastern Question and Social Democracy
  • Wilhelm Liebknecht, crete and Social Democracy
  • Eduard Bernstein, crete and the Russian Danger
  • Christian Rakovsky, The Eastern Question and theInternational Socialist party

III: Bulgarian Socialism and the Macedonian National Liberation Movement, 1903-08

  • Andreja ZivKovic, Introduction
  • Dimo Hadzhi Dimov and DimitOr Mirazchiev, After Ilinden
  • Dimitor Blagoev, On the Macedonian Question
  • A Gorov, Once Again on the Macedonian Question

IV: The Revolution in Turkey and the Balkan Federation

  • Andreja Zivkovic, Introduction
  • Christian RaKovsKy, The TurKish Revolution
  • DimitOr Blagoev, The Revolution in TurKey and Social Democracy
  • Dimo Hadzhi Dimov, our political standpoint
  • The BalKan Federation and the Workers
  • The Nationalist struggles and socialism

V: The Annexation of Bosnia by Austria-Hungary in 1908

  • Dragan Plavsic, Introduction
  • otto Bauer, Austria's Foreign policy and Social Democracy
  • Dimitrije Tucovic, Austria-Hungary in the BalKans
  • Dimitrije Tucovic, German Socialism and the Russian Danger
  • Arbeiter-zeitung, War?
  • Dimitrije Tucovic, What We say
  • Dimitrije Tucovic and Karl Renner, Debate on Bosnia

VI: The Balkan Federation and Balkan Social Democracy

  • Andreja ZivKovic, Introduction
  • Karl KautsKy, The National TasKs of Socialists Among the BalKan Slavs
  • Resolution of the First Balkan Social Democratic Conference
  • Dimitrije Tucovic, The First BalKan Social Democratic Conference
  • Christian RaKovsky, Towards a BalKan Entente
  • Dimitar Blagoev, Political prospects
  • Christian RakovsKy, The Balkan Confederation and the Turkish-Bulgarian Defensive Alliance
  • DimitOr Blagoev, The'BalKan Conference and the BalKan Federation

VII: The Balkan Wars of 1912-13 and the Balkan Federation

  • Dragan Plavsic, Introduction
  • Christian RaKovsky, Manifesto of the Socialists of Turkey and the Balkans
  • Trisa Kaclerovic, Memoirs of the First Balkan War
  • Hristo KabaKchiev, From Victory to Defeat
  • Dimitrije Tucovic, Serbia and Albania

VIII: The First World War and the Balkan Federation

  • Dragan Plavsic, Introduction
  • Dragisa Lapcevic, Against War
  • Dusan popovic, Serbian Social Democracy in the war
  • The Second BalKan Social Democratic Conference - Manifesto
  • The Second BalKan Social Democratic Conference- Discussion

Glossary and Maps

Remembering Giulio Seniga

Work in Progress

  • Martin Amis, Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million (Dave Renton)
  • Tom Behan, The Resistible Rise of Benito Mussolini (William Gambetta)
  • Daniel BensaId, Les Trotskysmes (Chris Gray)
  • Marjorie Chibnall, The Debate on the Norman Conquest (Dave Renton)
  • Tony Cliff, In the Thick of Workers' struggles: Selected Writings, Volume Two (Harry Ratnerl
  • James Eaden and David Renton, The Communist Party of Great Britain Since 1920 (John Mcilroy)
  • Max Elbaum, Revolution in the Air: Sixties Radicals turn to Lenin, Mao and Che (Mike Macnairl
  • Israel Getzler, Nikolai Sukhanov: Chronicler of the Russian Revolution (AI Richardson)
  • Ted Grant, History of British Trotskyism (John Mcilroy)
  • Michael Hopkinson, The Irish war of Independence (John Newsinger)
  • Joost Augusteijn, The Irish Revolution 1913-1923 (John Newsinger)
  • Bill Hunter, Forgotten Hero: The Life and Times Of Edward Rushton(Sheila Lahr)
  • Fritz Keller (ed), paul Lafargue. Essays zur Geschichte, Kultur and Politik (Mike Jones)
  • La Teor{a de la Revolucion permanente (John Sullivan)
  • John Mcilroy, Kevin Morgan and Alan Campbell (eds), party people, Communist Lives: Explorations in Biography (Stefan Cholewka)
  • Jean-Jacques Marie, Staline (Ian Birchall)
  • Wesley S Muthiah and Sydney Wanasinghe (eds), We Were Making History: Saga of the Hartal of August 1953 (Charles Wesley Ervin)
  • Christophe Nick, Les Trotskistes (AI Richardson)
  • Archie Potts, Zilliacus: A Life for Peace and Socialism (Paul Flewers)
  • William M Reddy, The Navigation of Feeling (Ian Birchall)
  • AI Richardson (ed), What Became of the Revolution: Selected writings of Boris Souvarine (Ian Donovan)
  • Alfred Rosmer, Boris Souvarine, Emile Fabrol, Antoine Clavez, Trotsky and the Origins of Trotskyism (Mike Jones)
  • Eli Sagan, Citizens and Cannibals: The French Revolution, the Struggle for Modernity and the Origins of Ideological Terror (Tobias Abse)
  • Louise Grace Shaw, The British political Elite and the Soviet Union (Paul Flewers)
  • States of Illusion: Soviet Graphics (Glyn Beagley)