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  • Editorial

Selected Writings of Rosa Luxemburg:

Part I: Biographical and Literary Comments

  • On the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz
  • Review: Mehring on Schiller
  • Tolstoy as a Social Thinker
  • Lassalle After Fifty Years

Part II: Current Politics

  • In Defence of Nationality
  • The Proletarian Woman
  • Peace, the Triple Alliance and ourselves

Part III: Problems of Party Organisation

  • Russian Party Conflicts
  • On the Split in the Russian Social Democratic Duma Group
  • Observations on the International Socialist Bureau session, 13–14 December 1913
  • On the Situation in the Russian Social Democracy
  • After the Jena Congress
  • Open Letter on Splitting, Unity and Resigning,

Charles Wesley Ervin, Selena Perera: The ‘Rosa Luxemburg of Sri Lanka’

Vincent Présumey, Pierre Lambert (1920–2008)


  • Patricia Collier, Secrets of the Tottenham Outrage (J.J. Plant)
  • Noel Crusz, The Cocos Islands Mutiny (Ted Crawford)
  • André Farkas, Budapest 1956, la tragédie telle que je l’ai vue et vecue and others (Jean-Jacques Marie)
  • W.J. Fishman, Into the Abyss: The Life and Work of G.R. Sims (J.J. Plant)
  • David Goodway, Anarchist Seeds Beneath the Snow: Left-Libertarian Thought and British Writers from William Morris to Colin Ward (Christian Høgsbjerg)
  • David Goodway (ed.), For Workers’ Power: The Selected Writings of Maurice Brinton (Chris Gray)
  • Nigel Harris, The Terrorist (J.J. Plant)
  • Boris Hessen, Les Racines sociales et économiques des Principia de Newton. Une rencontre entre Newton et Marx à Londres en 1931 (Jean-Jacques Marie)
  • Gabriel García Higueras, Trotsky en el espejo de la historia (Andrea Robles)
  • Vladimir Léon (Director), Le Brahmane du Komintern (Ian Birchall)
  • Harry Ratner, A Socialist at War: With the Pioneer Corps (J.J. Plant)
  • James Sheehan, The Monopoly of violence: Why Europeans Hate Going to War (Ted Crawford)
  • Marcel van der Linden, Western Marxism and the Soviet Union: A Survey of Critical Theories and Debates Since 1917 (Paul Flewers)
  • Vasilis Vopurkoutiotis, Making Common Cause: German-Soviet Secret Relations, 1919–1922 (Brian Pearce)


  • Jean-Jacques Marie on Pierre Broué and Vincent Présumey
  • Alan Wood on Pierre Broué and Ted Grant (with interview with Pierre Broué and response from J.J. Plant)
  • Mike Jones on Vincent Présumey and Pierre Broué (with editorial note)