Editor: Cosroe Chaqueri

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The Left in Iran, 1905–1940

  • Cosroe Chaqueri, The Left in Iran, 1905–1940
  • Cosroe Chaqueri, Chronology of the Left in Iran, 1905–1940
  • Archavir Tchilinkirian, Constitutional Persia and Its Needs
  • Cosroe Chaqueri, Communism in Persia, 1920–1941
  • Cosroe Chaqueri, Taqi Arani and the Comintern: The Revolutionary Republican Party of Persia: The ICP’s ‘Surrogate’ or its Alternative
  • Reginald Bridgman, The Rise of Persia


  • Social-Democrats’ Declaration on the Occasion of the Grant of the Constitution by the Shah, August 1906)
  • Social-Democratic Manifesto, 1908
  • Archavir Tchilinkirian to Karl Kautsky, July 1908
  • Karl Kautsky to Archavir Tchilinkirian, August 1908
  • Protocol No. 1 of the Social-Democratic Conference, October 1908
  • Vasso A. Khachaturian to Georgi V. Plekhanov, November 1908
  • Tigran Derviche to Georgi V. Plekhanov, December 1908
  • The Awakening of Asia: An Appeal of the Persian People Regarding the Loan Project, 1909
  • T. Tria, The Caucasus and the Persian Revolution, February 1911
  • Appeal of Iranian Social Democrats to the International Proletariat, August 1911
  • Jean Longuet, A Great Meeting for Persia, December 1911
  • Avetis Sultanzade, Perspective of Socialist Revolution in the East: Thesis, March 1920
  • The First Congress of the Iranian Communist Party, June 1920
  • Jangali Declarations, June 1920
  • The Revolutionary Committee of Persia: Proclamation Addressed to Our Deceived Jangali and Cossack Brothers, August 1920
  • Pro-Communist Jangalis Last Attempt to Obtain Assistance from Soviet Russia, December 1920
  • Negotiations by Ekhsan-allah Khan’s Government with Kuchek Khan, February–March 1921
  • Theodor Rothstein to Nariman Narimanov, March 1921
  • Theodor Rothstein to Georgi Chicherin, July 1921
  • Programme of the Ranjbaran (Workmen’s) Party, 1921
  • Proclamation of the Revival of the Republic with the Second Central Committee of the Iranian Communist Party, August 1921
  • Report by the Central Committee of the ICP to the ECCI (Extracts), December 1921
  • A British Report on the Persian Party Kaunik (Communist), October 1922
  • The Ishtamayun (Ijtima‛iyoun/Socialist) Party in Tehran, January 1923
  • A Buried Interview: Persia: An English Semi-Colony, February 1927
  • Brief Report on the Proceedings of the Second Congress of the ICP, October 1927
  • Sultanadze’s Request for Transfer to the Comintern, November 1927
  • Address of the Iranian Communist Party to the Toilers of Iran, 1928
  • Action Programme of the Iranian Communist Party, 1929
  • The Anti-Socialist Law, June 1931
  • Reginald Bridgman, Persia and British Labour, July 1931
  • Sultanadze’s Letter of Resignation

Documents with Specific Reference to Britain

  • Taghi-Zada and Moazid-Es-Saltana, Persia’s Appeal to England
  • The Persia Committee, Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907
  • Maxim Gorki, The Persia Committee
  • Persia, Finland and the Russian Alliance
  • K. Malik, Grabbing Persia
  • F.L. Kerran, From Brixton Jail to Enzeli
  • The British and the Reds at Enzeli
  • George Horwill, Oil and Finance

Other Material

  • Ron Heisler, The Thaxted Tales: Trotskyist Versus Stalinist Pilgrims on the Anglo-Catholic Path


  • Robert Barltrop
  • Bill Banta
  • Roy Berkeley
  • Frank Cieciorka
  • Max Clémenceau
  • Stephen William Cohen
  • Upali Cooray
  • Angel Fanjul
  • Terry Fields
  • Ruth Frow
  • Ernesto Gonzales
  • Dona Caroline Rupasinghe Gunawardena
  • Chris Harman
  • Anatol Kagan
  • Khoa Hoàng Khôi
  • Ernest Millington
  • Adrian Mitchell
  • Bernie Moss
  • Harold Pinter
  • Eduardo Pons Prades
  • William A. Price
  • Antonio Roca
  • Rowland Sheret
  • Cyril Smith
  • Jack Sprung
  • Alan Walter


  • William Fishman, East End 1888 (J.J. Plant)
  • José Ramón Garmabella, El Grito de Trotsky: Ramón Mercader, El hombre que mató al líder revolucionario (Gabriel García Higueras)
  • John Green, Engels: A Revolutionary Life (Keith Flett)
  • Tristram Hunt, Engels: The Frock-Coated Communist (Keith Flett)
  • Frank Henderson, Life on the Track, Memoirs of a Socialist Worker (J.J. Plant)
  • David King, Red Star Over Russia: A Visual History of the Soviet Union from 1917 to the Death of Stalin (Corula Star)
  • Simon Pirani, The Russian Revolution in Retreat, 1920–24: Soviet Workers and the New Communist Elite (Geoff Barr)
  • Andrew Roberts (ed.), Postcards from the Russian Revolution (Bridget St Ruth)
  • Antonella Saqlomoni, L’Union soviétique et la shoah (Jean-Jacques Marie)
  • Jan Willem Stutje, Ernest Mandel: A Rebel’s Dream Deferred (Mike Belbin)
  • Tim Tzouliadis, The Forsaken: From the Great Depression to the Gulags: Hope and Betrayal in Stalin’s Russia (Paul Flewers)


  • Ian Birchall on Dov Shas
  • Alun Morgan asks: Where is Ted Grant?