We have provided several obituaries to Ross Dowson in the obituaries section of our website. Comrades in the Canadian Forward Group (Socialist League) assembled an online archive of his writings and related material at rossdowson.com – which appears to have now closed. Fortunately the Marxists Internet Archive established a mirror of the site before it disappeared, and it can now be consulted at MIA

The items in the following document were extracted by JJ Plant for research use, and consist of all the material found at that time bearing on Dowson’s visits to England and elsewhere in Europe. Dowson clearly had a more important role in the International Committee current than emerges from the WRP’s “official” history “Trotskyism versus Revisionism”.

Appended is an exchange of letters between Gerry Healy and Ross Dowson found by John Archer, and available here by courtesy of Bob Archer.