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Revolutionary History was set up by Socialist Platform Ltd, an independent, socialist publishing venture.  Revolutionary History maintains an archive and library. If you have material that is not available elsewhere, or if you want to discuss researching and publishing the history of the revolutionary movement, please contact us. Books still available for sale are in the BookShop. Many are out of print but most have their content on line.

I am slowly altering each page (over 8000) on this website so it has a standard look.  The body text will be 12pt, Headings bold and 14pt, Subheadings bold and 12pt and footnoes are 10pt. The font is arial.

Progress so far 9th May RH0101, RH0102, RH0103, RH0104, RH0201, RH0202, RH0203, RH0204, RH0301, RH0904, RH0903,RH0803, RH0302, RH0303, RH0304, RH0412, RH0403, RH0404, RH0501,  RH0502 RH0503,  RH0504,  The next tsk after that has been completed is ti get the footnotes connected. I hope the number of broken links you come across will be greatly reduced. 


 What's new:  Socialist Appeal is online ; La Vérité is online ; Marxist Writers has  just over 50 writers; 400 Obituaries; RH0901 "The 1905 revolution" is online



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