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Dear Norman Brown 

I enclose one book of Draw tickets sold, one book unsold and cheque.

Please send me a CD with photo of 243 Company  (advertised on p.61 of “The Pioneer”.

I enclose cheque for £15 - £10 for the draw tickets plus £2 for the CD plus estimated £3 postage (which is not mentioned.  If not required pay into Benevolent Fund)

I was pleasantly surprised to see a review of my book “A Socialist at War” in the current number of “The Pioneer”  I did not expect it to be of much interest to you and the RPCA due to its political content and only sent it to you out of courtesy as I felt the Association should be aware of anything written about the Corps.

My original motive for writing the book was annoyance that the Corps is hardly mentioned in all the military histories and TV programmes I have seen.  Then I realised that any new wqrtime history would merely be a repeat of Major Rhodes-Wood’s book.  I then thought that if I interspersed accounts of my personal experiences with chapters about the Corps history it might be justified.  And I could hardly recount my experiences without mentioning my political motivations.  Hence a very mixed sort of book!

On the subject of books – have you thought of reviewing Helen Fry’s Jews in North Devon during the Second World War, published by Halsgrove, ISBN 1 84114 437 1 ?

It is about the German, Austrian, Palestinian etc recruits to the Corps and contains some fascinating personal histories.

Congratulations on “The Pioneer”.  It is a very interesting magazine.

Best wishes

Harry Ratner 


Dear Norman Brown