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  • Editorial
  • Ciaran Crossey & James Monaghan: The Origins of Trotskyism in Ireland
  • John Archer: C.L.R. James in Britain, 1932–38
  • Paul Flewers: Cornering the Chameleons, Stalinism & Trotskyism in Britain 1939–41
  • John McIlroy: ‘The First Great Battle in the March to Socialism’, Dockers, Stalinists and Trotskyists in 1945
  • Alan Christianson: The Revolutionary Communist Party and the Shop Stewards
  • Sam Levy: A Footnote for Historians
  • Ellis Hillman and the Fourth International
  • Anon: The Disunity of Theory and Practice
  • Mike Jones: Some Recently Discovered Material on Rosa Luxemburg and Leo Jogiches
  • Rosa Luxemburg: Letters on Bolshevism and the Russian Revolution
  • A Tribute to Ryan Worrall (Probably the first British supporter of the ‘state capitalism’ theory)


  • Two letters from Trotsky to Ryan Worrall
  • A Statement on John Archer’s C.L.R. James in Britain, 1932–38, by Ted Crawford


  • Ellis Hillman (1928–1996), by Al Richardson
  • Ellis Hillman and the Socialist Review Group, by Jim Higgins
  • Michel Pablo (1911–1996), by Al Richardson


  • Hillel Ticktin & Mick Cox: The Ideas of Leon Trotsky
  • Enzo Traverso: The Marxists and the Jewish Question, by Al Richardson
  • Francois Moreau: Combats et debats de la Quatrieme Internationale, by Al Richardson
  • Ken Loach: Land and Freedom, by Wilebaldo Solano
  • Arkadi Valksberg: Stalin against the Jews, by Paul Flewers
  • Recent pamphlets on the dockers and the ‘blue union’, by John Archer and Keith Sinclair, by Tom Cowan
  • Richard Raack: Stalin’s Drive to the West 1938–1945, by Paul Flewers
  • Baruch Hirson: Revolutions in my Life
    Baruch Hirson & Gwyn Williams: The Delegate For Africa, David Ivon Jones 1883–1924, by Ian Hunter
  • Workers Fight (ICU): A Tradition to Rebuild, by Al Richardson
  • Les Foster: Rocking the Boat, Memoirs of a Glasgow Socialist & Whistleblower, by Raymond Challinor
  • Inga Clendinnen: Aztecs, An Interpretation, by Al Richardson
  • Paul M. Buhle: A Dreamer’s Paradise Lost. Louis Fraina and the Decline of Radicalism in the US, by Graham Barnfield
  • J.N. Postgate: Early Mesopotamia
    Paul-Alain Beaulieu: The Reign of Nabonidus, King of Babylon, by Al Richardson

Work in Progress Extra


  • Raymond Challinor on Bernard Dix
  • D.R. O’Connor Lysaght on Trotskyism in Ireland (with a snappy reply by Al Richardson)
  • Harry Ratner replies to Ian Birchall on Party, Class & State
  • Mike Jones replies to Ian Birchall on the gains of October
  • Pierre Broué on Trotskyism in Poland (with editor’s reply)