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  • Editorial
  • Gary Tennant, An Introduction to the History of Trotskyism in Cuba
  • Gary Tennant, The Background: Nationalism and Communism in Cuba
  • Gary Tennant, Julio Antonio Mella and the Roots of Dissension in the Partido Comunista de Cuba
  • Gary Tennant, The Birth of Dissident Cuban Communism and the Oposición Comunista de Cuba, 1930-33
  • Gary Tennant, The Partido Bolchevique Leninista and the Revolution of the 1930s
  • Gary Tennant, Trotskyism in Cuba Between the Revolutions
  • Gary Tennant, The Reorganised Partido Obrero Revolucionario (Trotskista) and the 1959 Revolution
  • To the Cuban Workers and Peasants Letter from the Workers Party of the United States to the Cuban Trotskyists
  • Gary Tennant, Historical Vignettes An Interview with Roberto Acosta Hechavarría
  • The International Secretariat and the Cuban Trotskyists
  • Thirty Years Since the Death of Ernesto Guevara


Work in Progress


  • Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin, The Mitrokhin Archive, Part 1: The KGB in Europe and the West (JJ Plant)
  • Paul Flewers, ‘I Know How, But I Don’t Know Why’: George Orwell’s Conception of Totalitarianism (John Newsinger)
  • John Newsinger, Orwell’s Politics (Paul Flewers)
  • Susan Weissman (ed), The Ideas of Victor Serge: A Life as a Work of Art (Bill Marshall)
  • Leon Trotsky, The Transitional Programme (Al Richardson)
  • Morgan Philips Price, Dispatches from the Weimar Republic (Al Richardson)
  • John Reed, Shaking the World: John Reed’s Revolutionary Journalism (Al Richardson)
  • John H Kautsky, The Politics of Aristocratic Empires (Al Richardson )
  • Susan Pollock, Ancient Mesopotamia (Al Richardson)
  • Dave Renton, Fascism: Theory and Practice (Tobias Abse)
  • Donny Gluckstein, The Nazis, Capitalism and the Working Class (Tobias Abse)
  • Enzo Traverso, Understanding the Nazi Genocide: Marxism After Auschwitz (Tobias Abse)
  • Bill Hunter, Lifelong Apprenticeship: The Life and Times of a Revolutionary (Sheila Lahr)
  • Leon Trotsky, Escritos Latinoamericanos (John Sullivan)
  • Anton Dannat, Auf dem Floss der Medusa? (Ian Birchall)
  • Philippe Gottraux, Socialisme ou Barbarie (Ian Birchall)
  • Eric Cavaterra, La Banque de France et la Commune de Paris (Jean Marc Schiappa)
  • Nicole Bossut, Chaumette, porte-parole des sans-culottes (Jean Marc Schiappa)
  • Zheng Chaolin, An Oppositionist for Life (Simon Pirani)
  • Gregor Benton, China’s Urban Revolutionaries: Explorations in the History of Chinese Trotskyism 1921-1952 (Simon Pirani)
  • Robert Louzon, China: Three Thousand Years of History, Fifty Years of Revolution (Charlie Hore)