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  • Editorial
  • Pete Glatter, Introduction
  • The Road to Bloody Sunday (Introduced by Pete Glatter)
  • A Revolution Takes Shape (Introduced by Pete Glatter)
  • The Decisive Days (Introduced by Pete Glatter and Philip Ruff)
  • Rosa Luxemburg and the 1905 Revolution (Introduced by Mark Thomas)
  • Mike Haynes, Patterns of Conflict in the 1905 Revolution


  • Saul Bellow (1915-2005)
  • Brian Manning (1927-2004)
  • Ernest Rogers (1914-2004)
  • Ngo Van (1913-2004)



Work in Progress
  • Work in Progress
  • David Black, Helen Macfarlane: A Feminist, Revolutionary Journalist and Philosopher in Mid-Nineteenth-Century England (Keith Flett)
  • Paul Buhle and Nicole Schulman (eds), Wobblies: A Graphic History of the Industrial Workers of the World (Louis Proyect)
  • William Fishman, East End Jewish Radicals 1875-1914 (Sheila Lahr)
  • Norman Harding, Staying Red: Why I Remain a Socialist (Harry Ratner)
  • Jim Higgins, Speak One More Time: Selected Writings (Ian Birchall)
  • Jean-Jacques Marie, Lénine (Ian Birchall)
  • John Newsinger, Rebel City: Larkin, Connolly and the Dublin Labour Movement (Chris Gray)
  • Rudolf Rocker, The London Years (Sheila Lahr)
  • Robert Shoemaker The London Mob (David Renton)


  • Mike Jones on German Communism
  • John McIlroy on Sean Matgamna
  • Wmily Turnbill & Jamesz Robertson on Vladimir Weston's Teddy Bear (with Editorial Comment)